Lyudmila Lyudmilova


A strong woman, a dedicated mother, a wonderful person with some serious vocal skills. Lyudmila has been a keen biologist ever since. She’s studied biology and chemistry, along with nutrition and some additional self-educational psychology. A lover of nature, a romantic and a true sweetheart, she is not only a great mentor, but with her sharp and beautiful mind she manages to give the best advice on health, well-being and overall state of mind. Leading a life full of struggle but managing to stay strong, centered and down-to-earth, Lyudmila has succeeded in achieving what many cannot – find inner peace in times of desperation, find love in times of loneliness and be the amazing person she is today.

Dedicated as she is to everything and everyone around, she has been a successful teacher for many years, she’s raised two strong, intelligent and striving young people and she continues to inspire people to be good and do good everywhere she goes.

Having the latter in mind, one must know that upon meeting her, they will be welcomed by a warm smile, a kind heart and an open soul. One will then easily want to share with her, become closer to her. Wherever she goes, she is loved for she has that innate wisdom inside her, she has surely had many years of experience through life and believes age is simply your study time. You are never too old to go on an adventure – maybe to rediscover yourself, to find your new passion, to dive deep into the darkness of you, just to find the light, let go of what needs to be let go and welcome in all that needs to be welcomed in.

Need to marvel at the beauty of nature? Need expert nutritional advice? Ever had marriage and child-raising issues? Just listen to her personal experience, the mistakes and the right steps she’s made and find your own answer.

Tatyana Vassileva

Tanya is a 20-year-old who has been through twice that age of both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. Growing up to be a very talented kid – amazing at singing, dancing and nailing each and every subject at school, the only trouble of hers was that she was quite overweight and thus laughed at. Harnessing all her strength, she went through losing 110 pounds, becoming sick with anorexia and bipolar disorder. She fought brave alongside her mother who gave her strength and stability. She went through so many medical manipulations, various treatment techniques and thankfully, made it to where she is. Now, married, living in a happy and devoted relationship with her best friend, having their own business and having been through many shifts of interests as she never stopped to excel at each and every subject, she has become far more centered and aware. Keen on yoga and ayurveda, believing that good food, moderate exercise and most importantly love guide life as it is, Tanya has become far less of a competitor with life, but more of a sailor – sailing right with the flow. She now knows it’s not about grades, it’s not about beating yourself up. It’s all about where you feel centered, where you feel okay, it’s not about studying at the best college – it’s about doing what you are best at.

P.S. Apart from nutrition, exercise, mindful practices and overall well-being, that girl is surely mad about writing and singing, oh, and biology! Did we also mention she loves travelling and can surely make you smile and want to be a bit of Bilbo Baggins with her travel blog posts! (Like mother like daughter)

Need a hand understanding the basics of Ayurveda? Want to find tips on how to start your way into yoga? Need a hand getting into meditation? Want to talk to a survivor of many mental and physical conditions that you are scared to talk about? Tanya is your bet!